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About the Artist

I discovered graphics and multimedia software which sparked my interest. I enrolled in a multimedia course and developed a passion for photo manipulation. I joined art groups and websites to learn new techniques and styles. That's when I stumbled upon surrealism and was amazed by its unique and weird aesthetic. I started creating surreal artworks and was fortunate to be featured by art websites and joined exhibits in Philippines, Singapore, the Czech Republic, and online exhibits with artists from around the world. Currently, I'm doing photo manipulation commissions and book covers for independent authors. I am honored to be recognized as one of the top book cover designers by several websites.

Book Cover Art and Why It Matter

Book cover art is an essential element of a book's success, as it's often the first thing a reader sees and can make or break the decision to pick up the book. The cover art should be unique, relevant, visually appealing, of professional quality, and create an emotional connection with the reader. A great cover should capture the reader's attention and make the book stand out from the crowd, while also conveying the genre, tone, and mood of the book.

In addition to making the book more attractive to potential readers, a great cover can also increase its visibility and sales. A striking and memorable cover can generate buzz and interest, leading to more exposure and potentially higher sales. For authors and publishers, investing in great cover art is therefore a smart business decision that can have a significant impact on a book's success.

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