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About the Artist
Junriel "BAKI" Boque

When I went to college, I discovered graphics/multimedia softwares and it caught my interest, thus, I enrolled in a multimedia course and that was the start of my photo manipulation obsession.
I joined art groups and websites to learn new techniques and styles, then I found surrealism and got amazed by its uniqueness and weirdness. I created surreal artworks and luckily got featured by art websites as well as being part of art exhibits in Singapore, Czech Republic, and online exhibits together with artists around the globe. 

Now I'm doing Book Cover artworks and it's an honor to be recognized as one of the best book cover designers by several websites.


Book Cover Art and Why It Matter
Why Cover Art Is Important

Your book’s cover is the first thing people see when they pick up your book, this makes the cover one of the most crucial parts of marketing your book.


Your cover makes the book stand out among the mundane books on the shelf.


A book cover with no effort put in sends a message to the buyer that the writing also may not have much effort put into it, leading them to not buying your books.

What Makes Great Cover Art?
Striking Imagery

When browsing a book shop, people often tend to lean toward the books that have striking imagery. Something that catches their eye and pulls them in. 

When thinking of book covers, the most memorable ones are the ones with the coolest images.

Strong Contrast

When a buyer picks up a book, you want them to be able to read the title and understand everything happening on the cover easily. 


This is why having a strong contrast is important, as you don’t want things to blend into the background.

Beyond The Cover

While your cover makes a big difference, getting the exposure so that more people see your cover in the first place is important too.

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