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Book Cover Art and Why It Matter
Why Cover Art Is Important

Your book’s cover is the first thing people see when they pick up your book, this makes the cover one of the most crucial parts of marketing your book.


Your cover makes the book stand out among the mundane books on the shelf.


A book cover with no effort put in sends a message to the buyer that the writing also may not have much effort put into it, leading them to not buying your books.

What Makes Great Cover Art?
Striking Imagery

When browsing a book shop, people often tend to lean toward the books that have striking imagery. Something that catches their eye and pulls them in. 

When thinking of book covers, the most memorable ones are the ones with the coolest images.

Strong Contrast

When a buyer picks up a book, you want them to be able to read the title and understand everything happening on the cover easily. 


This is why having a strong contrast is important, as you don’t want things to blend into the background.

Beyond The Cover

While your cover makes a big difference, getting the exposure so that more people see your cover in the first place is important too.


"To date, I have purchased seven covers from Baki, and each garners admiration and envy from my fellow authors. So much so that I recently tweeted, "Buy my covers! Free book included." I display them all proudly, and many have asked me for the artist's information. I am always happy to direct authors in Baki's direction. He has worked with me each time to make sure I receive a powerful, beautiful cover that captures the essence my book and the needs of the market."

Thaddeus Thomas


"Baki is a tremendous artist and far exceeded my expectations. At my first in-person event post-Covid, I had people coming over to my table because his book cover caught their eye. I was able to get more sales because of the beautiful design. I would highly recommend hiring Baki as you will get an exceptional final product."

Kristina Garlick


"Baki has the artistic skill and conceptual vision to pull off ambitious projects. I approached Baki to design my novel cover after being impressed by the work in his portfolio, and asked him to produce what I thought I wanted. He executed the concept perfectly, but also provided a second option based on my brief which captured the concept of the novel even more completely. His competence gave me the confidence to let him lead the design process, while he proactively sought feedback as the work progressed. He has been extremely responsive throughout the process and promptly assisted me when I had issues working through the publishing process. I would recommend Baki to any author looking for a unique, striking cover design."

Brendon Hawkins


"We shouldn't judge books by their cover, but we do. Finding an amazing cover artist that can understand the direction and love into it is hard. But Baki immediately knew it, amazing work and super patient. As a first time (while trying to get everything right) author, Baki really helped me out in the direction and understanding of what was needed and what to do. Almost immediate response when I asked a question or sent a message. I got a few samples and Baki figured out a great direction to make the cover art into and nailed it. Couldn't be happier with the finished product. Highly recommend!"

Quintessence Henley


"I used Baki after interviewing several different cover designers. Baki took my concept and ideas and elevated it to the next level! He was always available to answer questions and complete the design to my utmost satisfaction. I knew the cover was very important because it is the first and sometimes only thing people see of a book. In the end, he created a cover that matched the hard work, artistry and integrity of my book. People always comment on how awesome the cover is! Many thanks Baki"

Gregory Koufacos


"Going through his art work the first time is what sold me. I'd toyed with the idea of hiring him for my book cover, went away, and came back and made my final decision. It was a decision I'm glad I made and never regretted. Baki patiently and professionally worked with what I wanted, what little I gave, and still gave me a fitting and exceptional book cover to my first title."

K.R. Mellou

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